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    Market News Analyzer

    The power tool to read and analyze news. Knowledge mining from news. Features: RSS news feeds, Stock Navigator, Stock Research, News statistics, Rating news, News Statistics and News Rating Charts. Automatic monitor of more than 8000 stocks.
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    Date: Sep, 20 2005
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    blogs & forums: - Making Business Intelligence Applications Smart

    Making Business Intelligence Applications Smart with Oracle OLAP by OLAP cubes. The presentation is couched in terms of practical examples that will benefit any application area, including

    Palo Forum | Palo OLAP Server | Excel dashboards as a Web

    I've tryed with WSS3, but there are clients, who want to work only with excel, not a web application, and then publish in web, it's the reason why I try to import this files, created in excel, and with data introduced in palo Palo Forum " Palo OLAP Server " Excel dashboards as a Web Application

    .NET Buzz Forum - Business Intelligence Portal Sample

    Business Intelligence Portal Sample Application for Microsoft Office sample application for Microsoft Office 2003 is an integrated, web-based OLAP solution

    Report on the ACM Sixth International Workshop on Data

    The DOLAP (ACM International Workshop on Data Warehousing and OLAP) series of modeling and design, virtually disappeared from the range of. ACM SIGIR Forum. 62

    Open And Shut ! Forum an open-source OLAP server that accesses relational databases and supports Microsoft's Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) language, as well as the Java OLAP (JOLAP) and XML for Analysis application programming interfaces (APIs)

    Contour Business Intelligence (Contour BI) - Support

    Support Forum for Contour Business Intelligence (Contour BI) - Application - V3.0 by Contour Components

    What is OLAP? - ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net

    what is OLAP? OLAP provides fast and interactive access to aggregated data and the ability to drill down to detail. OLAP lets users view and interrogate large volumes of data (often millions of rows) by pre-aggregating the information

    Sample application for Report Shooter crashing in Silverlight3

    Perpetuum Software product lines include WinForms, ASP.NET, Silverlight, and Mobile components, and tools for SQL Server Reporting Services. Among them are .NET reporting tool, OLAP component, and such data visualization libraries as gauge and

    ReportPortal - Build 153, June 24, 2008

    11. Report Scheduler cannot process OLAP reports that have XMLA connection replaced for a Role Admin Page 2. New Application option: Show calculated members. 3. New Application option: OLAP Report: Export Excel

    WhereScape Forum: Create OLAP Cube from Version

    A customer has the requirement to create an OLAP Cube using the "New from Version" approach. This is required to facilitate an application customisation approach for a widely distributed application. Can this funtionality be incorporated into RED as soon as possible please. IP Logged

    What are benefits of SAP MaxDB? - SAP Interview Questions

    MaxDB stands as database for OLTP and OLAP usage that offers high reliability, availability, scalability based on a very comprehensive feature set. Easy administration and automatic space management - MaxDB needs no reorganization - makes

    Using OLAP cubes in application

    Using OLAP cubes in application. Forum Index " SQL Power Architect Discussion. Author Hello I am new to OLAP cubes. I would like to know about how to use CUBES created using power architect tool in any application. Because as far as i know when you create a cube there is only one option

    flex -> weborb -> SS05 cube? - General Discussion - Midnight

    A bulletin board system written in ASP.NET the OLAP database > through the Analysis Services, a HTTP pump, > namely the msmdpump.dll, should be made > available to encapsulate the SOAP request. > The easiest approach is to put the DLL on > an IIS server, so that the Flex application can >

    Are OLAP Cubes at the End of Their Product Life Cycle

    ebizQ Forum provides a place where all members can discuss and ask for help on a wide Sign In. Start a Discussion. BI. Are OLAP Cubes at the End of Their Product Life Cycle?

    OraFAQ Forum: Business Intelligence " Oracle OLAP

    Oracle OLAP develops a In-Database cube of information, that can be Can SAS Business Intelligence (Mid Tier) Tool read data from Oracle OLAP?

    Discussion on How to fetch a column in OLAP Cube and use it

    What method has to be used in to fetch a column from OLAP Cube. for example if i want to fetch the SHORT_DESC from OLAP CUBE what method has to

    excel training class - OLAP

    Microsoft Qualified trainer responds to: How does this work? Is this an advanced form of Pivot Table and is there a good URL? Please post in the Improve the forum thread. excel training class - OLAP. The UK's most regular instructor-led training courses

    developerFusion - discussion

    How to convert any video to MP4 format. jquery/javascript issue for online version of a Touch Screen Software with Wireless capabilities and Photo Application

    Rapid OLAP Database Creation from ERP System | Tableau Software

    I'm looking for suggestions (particularly products) that would get me a rapid implementation of an OLAP system from my OLTP/ERP system. I am in a MSSQL environment, and I'm looking for dimensional analysis as well as point in time snapshots of

    SAP Ocean - A New way to Share Knowledge: SAP Interview Questions

    SAP, CRM, MM, FICO, Study Materials, Certification, Singapore, Project Management, Leadership, PMP exam, PMP forum, PMP simulator, PMP Certification, SAP OCean, SAP Consulting, SAP information, SAP Jobs, SAP Books, SAP News, SAP Media, SAP Help,

    What is OLAP ?

    In SQL Server 2000's Help it describe as followes.Whereas data warehouses and data marts are the i think this might give u an idea of olap in ur application,

    OLAP SQL server analysis service (View topic) • OpenOffice

    User Community discussion forum about the Office Suite application

    SkinnyPigeon :: Forum :: OLAP

    Web application development, Website design, consulting, graphics design and system integrations from SkinnyPigeon provide businesses and In this Forum, you and other users have an opportunity to discuss issues, tips, and techniques to help you get the most out of OLAP technologies


    Microsoft Word - si_intro_olap

    OLAP really means, how & why it is useful, and how to take advantage OLAP applications present the end user with information rather than just data

    Oracle OLAP Application Developer's Guide

    Oracle OLAP Application Developer's Guide, 10g Release 1 (10.1) application can access both relational and multidimensional data. SQL-based applications can now use pure SQL against information

    Oracle9i OLAP uncovered

    He is an OCP DBA and works as a consulting manager at Plus Consultancy in England, where he specializes in developing business intelligence and data warehousing applications using the Oracle Database, Application Server, Discoverer, Warehouse Builder and Oracle OLAP

    Developing Effective Oracle Data Warehouse and OLAP Applications

    Developing Effective Oracle Data Warehouse and OLAP Applications

    Olap Schemes Management (olap) — OpenERP v5

    Businesss Intelligence/Configuration/Known Application. Businesss Intelligence/Configuration/Olap Cubes. Businesss Intelligence/Configuration/Tools. Businesss Intelligence/Cube Browser. Businesss Intelligence/Cube Designer. Businesss Intelligence/Configuration/Tools/Clear Logs

    OLAP House

    Business Intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management (CPM) applications in most cases also have an OLAP component. In fact every BI or CPM application should have an OLAP component in order to be able to provide fast multi-dimensional analysis and reporting


    OLTP applications are characterized by many users creating, updating, or retrieving individual records. OLAP application s are used by analysts and managers who frequently want a higher-level aggregated view of the data, such as total sales by product line, by region, and so forth

    DB2 OLAP Server V8.1

    This edition applies to IBM DB2 OLAP Server Version 8, Release 1 and to IBM DB2 OLAP. Analyzer Analysis Server Version 8 Release 1. Online Investment OLAP application model

    Developing OLAP Applications, 5 of 5

    OLAP applications typically have object-oriented user interfaces where users manipulate objects that represent organized groupings of their data. Thus, there is a natural relationship between an object-oriented user interface and an object-oriented API such as the Oracle OLAP API

    Spatial OLAP Examples

    This section presents Spatial OLAP applications developed for research purposes. On-line JMap Spatial OLAP application. Some software and security settings are required to access the following Java applications

    Developing Reports and Dashboards

    Developing OLAP Applications. You can use any SQL query against a cube as the content for a report or dashboard. Both BI Publisher and Application Express contain a Query Builder, which you can use to develop queries against both relational and dimensional objects

    OLAP Council

    Sales analysis and forecasting are two of the OLAP applications found in sales departments. Typical manufacturing OLAP applications include production planning and defect analysis

    OLAP Application Developer - ICO Limited - Hong Kong -

    OLAP Application Developer. Responsibilities: Gathering user requirements, conduct the - OLAP Application Developer Job is part of Hong Kong

    Borland Conference 2000 : 6210 Implementing OLAP in Delphi

    Pros and Cons of Delphi server-side OLAP applications. Conclusion. In this article, we will talk about using ADO for On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) – the data management techniques that are widely used in decision support systems and data warehousing

    OlapX Application. OLAP, Presentation, warehouse

    OlapX is a sophisticated multidimensional database browsing tool. It enables the creation of multidimensional cubes and the interactive analysis, reporting and presentation of Microsoft's Analysis Services databases

    OLAP technology in your applications in minutes!

    01/28/2007 - OLAP technology in your applications in minutes! You can use the Wizard for the creation of functional and complex OLAP applications

    Data Warehousing Review - Selecting an OLAP Application

    Selecting an OLAP Application. Minimizing risks in the product selection process. By Daniel Chen. I have received a number of telephone calls and emails from readers asking which OLAP tool to select from the myriad of vendors How will the OLAP application integrate with the other analysis tools?

    OLAP technology in your applications in minutes!

    OLAP technology in your applications in minutes! Doing successful business directly depends on correct and timely management decision making based on the analytically processed data. With the development of IT such powerful technology as OLAP became available

    Business Intelligence - Management Reports

    The one-stop, web-based OLAP information resource. The OLAP Report is an internationally respected, authoritative source of information on OLAP products, suppliers and trends as well as practical advice on selecting software and implementing applications

    VSJ | Database Development Zone | Beyond the SQL Server basics

    Developing SQL Server 2005 OLAP applications with ADO MD.NET. You could develop applications that contained an OLAP front-end, but you had to make use of ADO MD, which was the original COM API for OLAP, and XML For Analysis (XMLA), a Web Service interface that returned

    Poor Mans OLAP: A MDDB Reporting Application Using Base SAS®

    budget, MDDB/OLAP application software is expen- sive. But fortunately for such analysts developing an application that pro- vides valuable aspects of OLAP/MDDB functionality,

    OLAP Council White Paper

    OLAP applications include production planning and defect analysis. Important to all of the above applications is the ability to The key indicator of a successful OLAP application is its ability to provide

    The BI Verdict: What is OLAP?

    OLAP was originally defined by the late Dr Codd in terms of 12 rules, later extended to the less well-known 18 features'. All 18 This is a major area of weakness in many OLAP products, which tend to assume that all OLAP applications will be read-only, with simplistic security controls. Even

    Daman Incorporated: OLAP Applications

    On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) allows analysis of large volumes of data through acess to many views of information. OLAP functionality is characterized by dynamic, multi-dimensional analysis of consolidated business data

    Online analytical processing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Multidimensional structure is quite popular for analytical databases that use online analytical processing (OLAP) applications (O'Brien & Marakas, 2009). Analytical databases use these databases because of their ability to deliver answers swiftly to complex business queries


    Heuristics of designing an OLAP applications are developed to avoid the foreseeable failures in projects. The following report is going to discuss the design of On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) applications in data warehouses

    Log Analysis as an OLAP Application - A Cube to Rule Them All -

    Log Analysis as an OLAP Application - A Cube to. Rule Them All - Log analysis is an integral part of effective security management. application of OLAP to the area of security log analysis, the concepts discussed here


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