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    MS Outlook calendar sharing application based on a database in a lan. Either with or without Exchange Server you can now get a overview of all appointments of all co-workers without the use of anexternal program. Just stay in Outlook.

    Platform(s): Windows
    Date: Mar, 20 2007

    eReminder Prm - Easy Calendar & Reminder

    eReminder is a full-featured calendar application designed specifically for planning, managing, and scheduling your important dates and times.Moreover,it provides plenty of reminding ways: play music, execute application, pop up a talking agent, etc.
    Platform(s): Windows
    Date: Nov, 23 2006

    eReminder Pro - Easy Calendar & Reminder

    eReminder is a full-featured calendar application designed specifically for planning, managing, and scheduling your important dates and times.Moreover,it provides plenty of reminding ways: play music, execute application, pop up a talking agent, etc.
    Platform(s): Windows
    Date: Sep, 03 2006

    Calendar 2000

    Calendar 2000 is a small utility that will display a monthly calendar on the Windows desktop. The calendar is similar to the one found in most checkbooks. You can also define your own holidays and important dates.
    Platform(s): Windows
    Date: Jul, 26 2006

    Easy Print Calendar

    The Easy Print Calendar does two things -- Print a variety of calendars and planners for those of us who like to work with paper; and provide simple month-at-a-glance calendar on your desktop. Features day-of-year, date spreads, and more.
    Platform(s): Windows
    Date: Mar, 14 2006

    free Calendar

    The Calendar helps you manage your events and tasks, sort them by category and colors. Also create birthdays, events and appointments & set reminders. It starts with startup and works in the background without interfering with your work.
    Platform(s): Windows
    Date: Feb, 03 2006


    aCalendarForge builds HTML pages to show events as calendars, agenda, and logs. Event files can be tab separated text from spreadsheets or databases. Runs as a Mac OS X Cocoa application and as a java application on other platforms.
    Platform(s): Linux, Windows
    Date: Sep, 28 2003
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    XtraCAD Forum / Where can I find the latest help file

    I know it seems silly to actually read the manual, being a guy and Short Timer. From: Fort Wayne Indiana. Registered: 25-October-2007. Posts: 68. Good luck

    IUSSCAA Message Board

    With several hundred click-claking in perfect unison, and with the previously mentioned advice, it was not long before I could not ignore the sound. Until then, they made me crazy, I started my short-timer's calendar in the first month of duty

    The Spoof : Discussion : General Discussion : On leaving TheSpoof

    In VN we all had a short timer's calendar and crossed off the days and months today, I suppose we could list our friends and Morse, I do remember the term "short-timer" from the military and was glad to finally be one & getting out, to be honest. TheSpoof is the best humor site because of all

    Amount Of Passport Validity Needed To Enter Thailand

    The title says it all. I assume it is six months, but looking for confirmation. Asking for a friend who has a short timer passport

    Free Game 4Story Online - Menacing Crystal timer increase or

    This would add better balance to the summoner class during PVE and make them more useful. At current during PVE and make them more useful. At current it seems to be 3-4 seconds to short to be worth while

    A High Resolution Performance Timer

    but it has been modified so that the timer can be started and Read the Duration property to get the cumulative elapsed time the timer has been running

    Thailand first timer - Asia Web Direct Forums

    Register User Forum List Calendar Active Topics Search FAQ to the location, is there much outside of the hotel - bars & eateries, first timer to Thailand planning trip June 2011. What is the distance from Indigo Pearl to

    coverage for son/daughter living out-of-state? -

    Does anyone know if a son or daughter would still be covered by a parent's FEHB insurance if they Quote short-timer. Report Post. Quote Reply Topic: coverage for son/daughter living out-of-state? Posted: 29 Jan 2011 at 9:48am. Does anyone know if a son or daughter would still be covered by

    first timer - HairTell Hair Removal Forums

    Register User Forum List Calendar Active Topics FAQ. Topic Options. Rate This Topic. Hop to: #2064 - 01/20/04 02:31 PM Re: first timer. James W. Walker Nothing short of electrolysis will remove the hair you already have. Most things can be cleared up visually speaking in a short time. You should look

    Short training video

    Short training video

    Spring Countdown Timer Click on - Chaparral Boats Owners Club

    Spring Countdown Timer Click on: Calendar. Gallery. Blogs. Chaparral Boats Owners Club > Chaparral Boats Forum > Boat Talk. View New Content. Page 1 of 1. You cannot start a new topic. You cannot reply to this topic. View New Content. Spring Countdown

    Need To Find The Timer Routine - The Elder Geek on Windows

    I currently use XP and Windows Media player 9 to play back short soundfiles on-the-air for radio. (Our rush hour traffic is sent to us on a static w

    Switch with a short timer

    Malaysia's Largest Online Community this, That's not what I am looking for. You know in those steamer (or old type of microwave oven) whereby you can rotate the timer switch so that

    Short scale basses - UK guitar forum for guitar shops, guitar

    [ Log In] " Forums " UK Guitar Forum " Bass Guitar Forum " Short scale basses 22 PM Short scale basses. noddyman noddyman. Old Timer. Registered: 15 AMS 3" exhaust, Apexi SAFC, Apexi Turbo

    Calendar. Login. Register. News : Welcome to the redesigned! Owned by an enthusiast for enthusiasts! February 17, 2011, 04:06:24 AM. Evolution Forums | Forum | EvolutionForums Marketplace No they are not new, but they were only used for a short period of time

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    Somni-Forum > The Sublime Garden > Indoor and Outdoor Gardening This new forum is for our two favorite plants, the poppy and cannabis. It combines

    First timer in So Cal

    "first timer" you're a girl. But, I hope you can. emphasize with mine and others' resentment of folks not. really into the model (c) 2008 Chevy Forum .net. All Rigths Reserved. Chevy-Forum.Net is unofficial Chevy forums and is not

    Too Many Old Timer's - British Speedway Forum

    I joined the forum in July 2004 as OldTimer, I have now discovered a post from an Old Timer, the only difference is my letters in OldTimer are joined

    Light timers

    Group: Forum Members. Last Login: 5/22/2007 8:29:26 PM. Posts: 2, Visits: 4. The timer that I like the best is one from Wal Mart. It is an outside timer with a short cord for plugging it in. Mart. It is an outside timer with a short cord for plugging it in

    preferred self-timer attachment for M6 - Leica and

    Discuss Leica and Rangefinders on the forums with topics ranging from best accessories to how-to advice. old Kodak Auto timer release and a short cable release which attaches to it. The Kodak timer pushes the cable

    I Called In Sick Today - FCP Poker Forum

    You would think Shake was a short timer: Who posted in: I Called In You would think Shake was a short timer: Who posted in: I Called In Sick Today. Poster

    Crestworth cannon timer - Oozing Goo Lava Line

    LAVA LAMP FORUM. Crestworth cannon timer. February 3, 2011, 12:52pm. Home Calendar Search Register Login. Welcome, up saying it was basicaly a one of made by crestworth that says in short bull shitter or full of it and knows sod all about the lamps hope

    Sleep doesn't - Topfield Forum

    I have the latest firmware on the 7100. Does sleep work for other people? Based on my experience see what happens (hence the short timer length). Be careful not to touch the remote after you have set the Sleep setting

    Masalah Flash Bios===Beep codes===

    eight short = CMOS timer initialization failed (POST. nine short = ROM BIOS checksum test short = 8254 timer channel 0 test failed (POST 11) twelve short = 8254 timer channel

    Do I have to have the right kind of timer to do this PR

    Learning Strategies Corporation: CDs Books, & Training to experience your full potential including PhotoReading, Spring Forest Qigong, Paraliminal CDs, Diamond Feng Shui, and more

    Checking Button Presses - SourceBoost support forum

    10ms * 65535 = 655 seconds (about 10 hours), the program would detect a short press because the timer variable would roll round to zero. ( IMG:

    Pool Light Timer That Adjusts To Changing Sunrise/sunset

    Pool Light Timer That Adjusts To Changing Sunrise/sunset Times? Calendar. Pool and Spa Forum > Swimming Pools > Inground Swimming Pools. Board Guidelines


    Day Timer Calendars, Planners & Organizers at mySimon

    Save Money! We have Day Timer Calendars, Planners & Organizers comparison shopping at mySimon. Day-Timer Zip Closure Starter Se , Day-Timer : Business Card Holder , Day-Timer Zip Closure Starter Se , Day

    american short-timer

    I had to consult with the short-timers on T-Bone's enrollment, I mean, voluntarily associating with lifers-n-shit strictly being I joined when I was 18, and except for a short break after my first enlistment (I couldn't let my short-timer's calendar be for naught could I?

    Shorttimers Ltd - The Official Short Timer Store

    Shorttimers Ltd - if you're short, get your Short Timer merchandise here: Count down calendars, T-Shirts, hats, mugs and more. Great gifts for military, veterans or retirement. Free shipping on T-Shirts - limited time only

    Printable short timer calendars Blog Literario " El blog de

    PRINTABLE SHORT TIMER CALENDARS. free printable weekly calendar with time slots k-3 themes at dungeons and dragons monster card printable therapy day-timer coastlines 2011 2-page-per-month refill, desk size; 2011 weekly desk pink pebble grain planner calendar: day per page


    Shorttimers Ltd - if you're short, get your Short Timer merchandise here: Count down calendars, T-Shirts, hats, mugs and more. Great gifts for military, veterans or retirement. Free shipping on T-Shirts - limited time only

    Welcome to! The first site on the internet

    The first site on the internet dedicated exclusively to ShortTimers! (and those who wish they were) A place where Short Timers, their friends and their families around the world can meet, send WebCards, buy ringtones designed exclusively for

    A "Short Timer" in Vietnam was close to DEROS and going back

    Illustration of a "short timer" calendar created by American GI's from the Vietnam War period

    Vietnam Short Timer

    The Short-Timer History. During World Wars One and Two as well as the Korean War, troops were rotated in and out of combat areas as a unit. They would be pulled back to get replacements, rearm, and retrain. The Short-Timer Calendar in the center of this page is typical of most that were used

    Eager Arms 1967-1968

    2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment 1967-68

    Vietnam Veteran's 9th Infantry, 6-31st - Short-Timer Calendars

    Album list. Last uploads. Last comments. Most viewed. Top rated. My Favorites. Search. Home > Special Interest > Short-Timer Calendars. Short-Timer Calendars. TITLE. FILE NAME. DATE. POSITION. 190 views. 153 views. 180 views. 186 views. 4 files on 1 page(s) Powered by Coppermine Photo Gallery

    short-timer calendar - Topic Powered by Social Strata

    I used a short timer's chain. Mine was the old standard 8X10 paper with a figure of a Forums Wars and Conflicts Vietnam War short-timer calendar

    Short Timer's Calendar for iPhone - Free iPhone software

    How many days until Christmas, the last day of school, your graduation, your birthday, or that anniversary you can't seem to remember? Write your own review Be the first one to review Short Timer's Calendar 0.11 and share your experience with the CNET community!

    Timer Calendar | Fitness, Gym and Exercise

    Timer Calendar. Mobile phone upgrade? My annual update is due. What is the best phone The Nokia 6500 Classic or Nokia 7900 Prism? I do not want to be influenced by the good looks of the Prism and I'm not interested in music, Tags: calendar, countdown timer calendar, military short timer

    Army Short Timer's Calendar? When I was in the Army, they

    When I was in the Army, they handed you (unoficially) a "short timer's calendar. It was usually a picture of a girl in a bikini that was broken up into 30 "segments". You colored in one for each day marking down your last month. You can guess - How long was a typical tour of duty in Vietnam

    Vietnam War question: How long was a typical tour of duty in Vietnam? Short Answer: 12 months: Tour of duty means how much time did a person typically spend in a war zone. In Vietnam, the war zone was The psychological effect of "short-timer" calendars in such a constant unconventional

    The Short Timer

    Myron, fishing in his pocket for cigarettes, tells Taylor that short timers don't take point and that he'd be messing with tradition. The crossing off of days on a calendar, for example, at the same time each day. Many platoons had a "Short Timer's Stick," an elaborate carved swagger stick carried by

    FIGMO CHART - Genuine Viet Nam Era Short-timers Calendar

    Our Short-Timer Calendars are better than any Advent Calendar we've seen! Each chart will arrive new-in-the-package, unopened and complete with the "Hey Short-Timer!" Instruction sheet inside the plastic wrapper. SHIPPING Shipping will Priority Mail for $10 to anywhere in the continental United States

    The Pomnitz Family Web

    Short-Timer. Comments: 1. Ed Pomnitz. Short-Timer. Short-Timer. Description: Edwin Charles It was customary to keep a "Short-Timer's" calendar. Photo was taken at the United States Support Command Headquarters located in

    Short Timer Calendar

    Short Timer Calendar B-2/501st 101st ABN Div 1967-1972

    Folio Calendar Planner Pages and day planner refill pages

    Folio Calendar planner pages and day planner refill pages for your custom day planner. Day-Timer Folio Double-Punched Short-Trimmed Lined Pages

    Short Timer's Calendar

    Short Timer's Calendar - How many days until Christmas, the last day of school, your graduation, your birthday, or that anniversary you cant seem t

    Tattoo Calendars

    Of course many companies are able to produce personalized calendars to suit their customers and tattoo shops will give these away in the New Year as promotional items. Being ex-navy, one of my favorite calendars was the "short-timers calendar

    Kerr: Counting down the days to Jan. 20, 2009 | Bob Kerr

    They were "short." Most of the people I remember just tacked their short-timer calendar to the wall of a hooch and filled in the days. Some of the calendars were in the shape of a woman. Now, the short-timer calendar returns. Starting this week, we can say we are in the final year and begin

    short timers calendar

    Why is their no to your caiendar engine skinned almost black. interest in the Rid calenar The short timers calendar to tijers the tell all book one of get your Tech Questions but shorh may sgort getting pop timees constantly mom was and how they

    Mad as Hell: Iraq Short-timer's calendar

    Sunday, August 27, 2006. Iraq Short-timer's calendar. Technorati Tags: Rumsfeld, liar, asshole, inept, Iraq, 172nd. Posted by Fred W at 3:17 PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Recent Posts. Grab this Headline Animator. About Me. Fred W. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

    Shortimer Calendar

    Most soldiers proudly displayed a shortimer's calendar like the one pictured below near Soldier's close to their DEROS were considered "short" and the units maintained a "90 Day

    Short Timer Calendar photo - Richard Calmes photos at

    Short Timer Calendar. Unlike today's troop deployment in Iraq where the soldiers have no clue when they will come home, in Vietnam you knew! You had one year, 365 days, sometimes less, NEVER more. Hence, tracking how many days you have before you leave was a part of everyday life

    Short Timers Calendar

    This is like the calendar I used, and I can't find another copy of it If any of you have one that is divided up, please send me a copy so I


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