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    ezProxy is a proxy server, make all your computers share one connection to internet. provide everything you need to simultaneously connect all your computers to the Internet through just one simple connection with your existing service provider.
    Platform(s): Windows
    Date: Dec, 31 2006
    Author: Hu Wei,
    License: Commercial License


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    Site incorrectly listed as Malware - Webmaster Central Help

    The site in question uses the software EZproxy from OCLC to provide remote authenticated access to online databases. If the url in the query string isn't in our list of authenticated resources then EZproxy

    Papers Support Forum / On-campus disabling of ezproxy

    On-campus disabling of ezproxy. Hi, I am using papers on my laptop and am finding that the program seems to (Clearing and re-entering the ezproxy config within the settings panel as I am on and off campus is not really a nice solution!

    Olark forum / Problems with URL handler

    Olark forum. A place to chat about chat software. How meta. Index Well, I think any library that uses your service also uses the ezproxy server as well, so the "url=" problem would be common to all of us

    Institute of Cancer Research: Access to Electronic Journals

    Access to EBSCO is via EZproxy ( when you are off the ICR network. describing how to set the pop-up blocker settings for a number of internet browsers for use both within the ICR and with EZProxy

    General Discussion

    Edit post a good university ezproxy password forum. mib03. 3. 4,850. Jan 22 2010, 09:39 AM Last Post By: mib03. 0 users viewing this forum. Members: Displaying Topics 1-3 of 3. Show

    Scanning ports of F5D7230-4 - Belkin | DSLReports Forums

    Scanning ports of F5D7230-4 - Belkin | DSLReports Forums, broadband news, information and community ezproxy-2 10102/tcp eZproxy. ezproxy-2 10102/udp eZproxy. ezrelay 10103/tcp eZrelay. ezrelay 10103/udp eZrelay

    JEFFLINE Forum - April 2000

    JEFFLINE Forum The Office of Academic Computing has installed EZProxy, a "URL rewriting proxy server", to alleviate this problem. This is not your usual proxy server

    Free Account - Idcguide - Powered by Discuz!

    Free Account Idcguide - Discuz! Board Forum Thread. NSU LIBRARIES EZPROXY ACCESS AND PASSWORD. admin 2009-1-13. 1/2655. jujue39 2010-4-7 16:34. OVID FREE ID AND PASSWORD

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    Guidelines: Please Read

    URL & Content Filtering with ezProxy. Basic Wi-Fi FAQ and Tips. Warning: include(/footer.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 54. Warning: include

    ezProxy - Aegis Support Board

    pls i need a serial/crack/key for ezProxy v2.4.1 anybody has it? Search. Search section: This topic. This forum. Forums. Members. Help Files. Calendar. Gallery. Downloads. Tutorials

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    Save Attachments to Custom Folder - Parker Software Forum

    I'm having trouble saving attachments to a custom folder on a network drive.I have connected the

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    Using Moodle: Ezproxy for User Authentication

    Ezproxy for User Authentication. by Jennifer Hawkes - Wednesday, 18 February 2009, 04:06 Is anyone using EzProxy to authenticate into Moodle? We are a library using moodle so we

    G-RAD.ORG - FORUM • View topic - Articles on GR from the NYTimes


    EZProxy Off-campus Access

    For some sites, such as Naxos, the EZProxy links are used anywhere the site is mentioned in the SULAIR Web pages. You must allow pop-ups for if you are using pop-up blocking software

    VCU Libraries | Help | Connect Using EZProxy

    EZProxy will connect you to almost all VCU Libraries electronic resources linked from the Find Information page. EZProxy should provide access to VCU Libraries resources from any location, including from workplace computers

    Useful Utilities

    On January 11, 2008, OCLC acquired EZproxy from Useful Utilities. for the new home of EZproxy. www.usefulutilities

    EZproxy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This allows library patrons at home or elsewhere to log in through their library's EZproxy server and gain access to bibliographic databases and the like to which their library subscribes. The software was originally written by Chris Zagar in 1999 who founded Useful Utilities LLC to support it

    LavaSoftware - reliable, inexpensive email and proxy servers

    Providing reliable,inexpensive email and proxy servers for small business internet and intranet connectivity,visit lavasoftware to download evaluation version free ezProxy a Windows proxy server, which is extremely easy to install and maintain and its powerful set of features will meet any

    Off Campus Access - UCF Library

    Your EZProxy password is controlled by your account in the Library Catalog. The password for your the Library Catalog Account and the EZproxy account are the same

    University Libraries - George Mason University

    To provide off-campus access to restricted databases, we use a proxy server specifically, one named EZProxy (pronounced "Easy Proxy" I got an EZProxy Hostname error. What do I do? You will get an EZProxy Hostname Error page when you attempt to access content on a computer host that has not yet been

    Library - Off-Campus Access to Library Resources by EZProxy

    Off-Campus Access to Library Resources by EZProxy. Many of our subscriptions are restricted to the FSU community, and require authentication that you are part of FSU. If you are not on campus, then you must login to the EZProzy server with valid userid and password credentials

    EZproxy [OCLC - Management Services and Systems]

    The leading access and authentication solution

    Support, training and documentation [OCLC - EZproxy]

    PDF guides Initial evaluation Initial setup Maintenance and upgrades Enhancements User authentication EZproxy configuration Database setup Related OCLC services Troubleshooting and known issues Frequently asked questions Additional resources Documentation


    At UCT, EZProxy is a service that provides authenticated off-campus access to selected web content for staff and registered students of the University of Cape Town. It is a reverse proxy system that enables UCT Libraries' users to access databases,

    Off-Campus Access Instructions (Proxy Help) - How to use EZProxy

    Quick instructions: If you are not on campus and you click on a UK Libraries' web link for any proxy-accessible resource, you will be prompted by EZProxy to enter your AD account name or MC account name and password (or your last name and library barcode will work, too) into the log-in boxes


    Reference for EZproxy. EZproxy from Wikipedia. EZproxy is a web proxy server program extensively used by libraries to give access from outside the library's computer network to restricted-access websites that authenticate users by IP address

    EZproxy - The University of Auckland Library

    When you are off campus, EZproxy enables access to fee-based websites to which the Library subscribes. Because EZproxy is on the University computer network, it has a University IP address

    Config.txt - EZProxyWiki

    Config.txt is the EZproxy configuration file. It contains general settings plus database definitions for the web resources to be proxied. The file has been named config.txt since EZproxy 5.1a (2008-08-25) EZproxy must be restarted for changes to config.txt to take effect

    EZProxy |

    EZProxy helps provide users with remote access to Web-based licensed content offered by libraries. When you click on a link to go to an EZproxy database, EZproxy will ask you to login

    ezProxy - Download

    ezProxy, free download. ezProxy 2.9.1: Easy setup, affordable proxy with banlist, user management and ad killer


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